International meetings


Every  Sunday at 14.00*

French / Lingala

Every Sunday at 14.30*


Every Sunday at 17.00*


Every Sunday at 13.00*
Every Tuesday at 16.00


Every other Saturday at 14.00

Interpretation at Saalem

Every Sunday, the interpretation is available in English, French, Russian and Thai at 11.00 service.

Saalem`s gathering for communion

First Sunday of every month at 11.00

* There is no international services every first Sunday of the month, due to Saalem`s church gathering for

If you want to listen to Saalem`s service

Please call to number 060039-2978.
You can listen services on Sunday at 11.00 and on Wednesday at 18.00. Available only in Finnish.
(Cost 0,059 € + pvm, DNA price).

Online service

You can watch Sunday Service on
Available only in Finnish.